Answers to Quick-Bites

Teasers on Trivandrum

1. [b] The Government Museum and Art Gallery, named after the former Madras Governor John Napier, drew inspiration from Brighton and Hove.

2. [b] Poovar is believed to have been referred to as Ophir. The John Masefield poem 'Cargoes' can be found at

3. [d] To know more about Laurie Baker's work, visit

4. [b] Diwan T Madhava Rayar's statue lends name to the Statue junction

5. [c] College of Fine Arts, near Palayam

6. [a] Varkala is the site of the Narada legend and takes its name after 'valkalam'. Varkala's Papanasham Beach was famous even in the days of sages for "redemption from sins"

7. [b] Sir CP was attacked by a person named Mony at the Swathi Thirunal Academy of Music

8. [c] Perhaps you guessed this rightly from puthari and kandam

9. [d] Chempaka Raman Pillai helped Velu Thampi in his fight, and replaced Jayanthan Sankaran Namboothiri as the Prime Minister of Travancore. Velu Thampi was appointed the minister of commerce and later promoted to Dalava

10. [a] Golf Links hosts the Trivandrum Golf Club, probably the second oldest golf course in India. It is a 9-hole course, and the club boasts of 400+ members