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X-Change is a forum set up to stimulate and sustain thinking on topics revolving around Change. It could be change in outlook, change in policies, change in attitudes, change in institutions - in short change in X

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Joining the Forum 1-2-3

1. Read the War Manual 2. Enlist yourself at 3. Go to the War Museum and post your view

Issues of Current Conflict

1. Prakash Gopalakrishnan wonders -- Humanity/ 'our' environment is insignificant. Given this, do we really need to care about progress/ways of living / duties, etc. etc. Can't we just go on in any way we want. This will lead to chaos. Probably destruction of the environment...probably destruction of our species from this world. But then is that not what happens to most species on this planet? Under these circumstances, doesn't all that we keep talking about: like politics, saving the environment etc. become IRRELEVANT? Go to the debating board.

2. As Anil Shaji responds to Pritish Nandy's comment on Indo-Pak cricket matches, the stage is set for a debate on cricket diplomacy. Go to the debating board.

About This Page

Maintained by Ninety-One Batch Loyolites (NOBLES), this web page is an introductory tool for discussants. War terms are used to spark and sustain interest, not to deter serious participation and exchange of ideas. All issues are discussed with seriousness at X-Change.


Who all can join the War?

Anybody can become a warrior. You don't have to be a Loyolite to be a warrior. To enlist yourself in the register, punch here. You have to register yourself to receive all missiles used at X-Change. .

How is the War carried out?

Once you enlist yourself, you will receive a message from the Commander. You may then join the war by:

a. Sending your views to or

b. Contributing an answer to the issue of your choice at the War Museum

Either way, your missile (a multiple-warhead) will hit all other warriors. (If and) When they recover from your attack, it is your turn to defend yourself from their missiles.

How do I know what the War is about?

Visit this page to find out the issues of current conflict. If you wish, you may then proceed to the War Museum to do some research, before taking position. At the War Museum, you can view past battles too. You may rekindle these too.

What is the War Museum?

To keep you in touch with the latest developments, we run facilities that help you participate effectively. At the War Museum, all missiles used in War are on display. You can view all exchanges of battles past and present. If you wish to rekindle a past battle, you can do so at the War Museum by posting your missile there. The War Museum can also be used to participate in the current conflict. Click here to know more.

What are the Rules of War?

  1. Obey the Commander's Memo at all times.
  2. Use of nuclear warheads is not permitted. Your attack must not contain derogatory material so as to harm the conduct of War.
  3. Targeting warriors individually (by replying to the sender) is not encouraged. Acts of cowardice are best avoided. All missiles must be targeted at

Can I start a War by bringing in an issue?

Sure. You can drag in an (un)related issue by:

  1. Targeting your missile at or
  2. Using the 'Ask a Question' tool at the War Museum

Can I rejoin once I run away from the battlefield?

Yes, you can. We recognise your need to fight life's other battles. However, before you rejoin, you are advised to visit this page as well as our War Museum to find out about recent battles.

Will I get killed?

If you violate the Rules of War, you might be killed under orders from the Commander. Your name will be deleted from the register.

Who is the current Commander?

The Commander is currently, Ashok R Chandran. He sends messages from Change of Commander will be notified to all warriors. For help regarding any issue, contact the Commander.


To keep you in touch with the latest developments, we run facilities that help you participate effectively. At the War Museum, you can:

  1. View all exchanges of battles past and present.
  2. Rekindle a past battle, by posting your missile there. (Use the 'Contribute an Answer' tool at the concerned issue)
  3. Participate in the current conflict. (Use the 'Contribute an Answer' tool at the relevant issue. Your message will be targeted at all warriors if you have joined the war at xchange@onelist)
  4. Suggest an issue to spark off a conflict. (Use the 'Ask a Question' tool)

Want to visit the War Museum ? Enter by clicking here


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Last update: 10 March 1999