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Alumni News

OBA webpage maintained by NOBLES and the OBA official website have news relating to the Association.






1974 (Moni Mathews)

Pradeep Kumar (1974) presented a paper on "Excellence in Education by Networking Alumni" during the National Workshop on "Excellence in Education" at Indian Institute of Rural Management, Jaipur in September 2002. His paper was a case study based on his experience as a former President of OBA.

V M Mohan continues to successfully run his travel services firm in Trivandrum. Mohan's Business card


K S Sharma invites batchmates to e-mail him. After 14 years in the travel industry (during which he held managerial positions), Sharma is at present, a Project Finance Consultant based in Trivandrum.



Loyola Boys Of Seventy-Seven (BOSS) celebrated their silver jubilee re-union at Loyola School on December 22, 2002. About 40 of the BOSS from all over the world came back to Loyola to celebrate this event. They were joined by the present School Vice-Principal, Fr. M M Thomas (class teacher for Div.A), Fr. M J Thomas (class teacher for Div B), Mr. M M George (Chemistry teacher) and other nonteaching staff. Mementos/ gifts were presented to the staff. There was a lot of networking followed by a class session where every member (staff and students) spoke of his/her 25 years after school. Those not present had their profiles read out. This was followed by a sadya, a cricket game between Div A and Div B and then a soccer game against the Loyola 2000 team. After the day-long programme at school, the group met again at Jas hotel in Trivandrum for dinner and further networking.
Reporting by Fred Gomez (1977), from USA in January 2003. Another report on the reunion in the NOBLES December 2002 e-newsletter.

S Radhakrishnan was elected Treasurer of Trivandrum Press Club in April 2002. He had been the Joint Secretary in 2001-2002.

Suresh Radhakrishnan is working as an Organizational Consultant in Los Angeles for the Metropolitan Water District.


On October 2-3, 1999, the 1978 batch got together at Ranjit Mohan T N's Hotel Neelakanta (Kovalam). People came from Palai, Kanjirappally and Ernakulam to capture old memories. Football, swimming, singing, dancing, and fellowship were the highlights.






1984 (Mahesh Surendran)

1985 (Phil Devasia)

Anuranjan passed away in a road accident at Pune in April 2000. He was thirty-one.
(source: LOBA News, June 2000)

1986 (Abraham Ittyachen)

1987 (Baiju Francis)

1988 (Sanjay Joseph)

1988 batch website has photos.
Sreeram P (with Sunita)
Rohan Pereira (with Asha)
Jose Sumit (with Tripti)
Rajesh T Nair (with Purnima)
Subin (with Anjali).

1989 (Roshen R Chandran)

Binu M Thomas, Nanda Kumar T V and Roshen R Chandran took the entrepreneurial route in July 2000. Theyset up a network security services firm in Mumbai. Nanda's Business card

1990 (Ben George)

Jitendra Srivastava and Sreejesh K V entered the prestigious All-India Civil Services in style. They figured amongst the top sixty in the 1999-2000 exam.

Jose Chandy is in Hyderabad with Dr.Reddy's Labs. Harikrishnan G is in Mexico doing his Masters in Colonial History. Sreeram R is at Penn State University (USA) working on his PhD.

1991/1993 (Jayanth Sankar)

Ajith Mathew's plush Hotel Residency Tower played host to NOBLES Reunion 2001 on April 14. Twenty people participated in the Reunion. On registration, participants were given a copy of the Nobles Directory - a compilation of addresses, email IDs and other details. Bimal's brother Benoy (1986 ICSE) visited us and spent a few minutes. From 6.30pm to around 7.50pm, people trickled in and had a field day cracking jokes, exchanging light-hearted barbs, inquiring about 'missing' friends. This time, we deviated from the greeting-eating style. All of us sat together for a group session. On behalf of Nobles, the most distant participant Rennie Sreekumar (who had come from Bangalore) presented gifts to Ajith&Smitha and Manu&Indu. After the felicitation, we played passing the parcel for a brief while. This was followed by a Nobles quiz modelled on 'Kaun Banega Crorepati' - and some of the Nobles took home discounts on the registration fees. It was Rennie's birthday - we sang and wished him "Happy Birthday." Sanjai Basheer led the chorus. Around 8.50pm, Nobles started attacking the food with gusto. Eating and chatting till around 10pm. We once again came together - this time for a group photograph. By 10.30pm, all bid goodbye to each other.

Vijayaraghavan V (at Dr.Reddy's Labs) moved to Mumbai in March 2001.

1991 Batch Loyolites (NOBLES) won the "Best Batch" award at the LOBA AGM in July 2000.

Shamier Marickar (in 1998)
Jose Kunnappally. Daughter Elizabeth born in 2002.
Prakash Kartha (to Jyotsna, in December 1999). Their son Rohan was born in February 2003.
Unnikrishnan N (to Sreepriya, in January 2000)
Ajith Sojan (to Smitha, in May 2000)
Prakash Gopalakrishnan (to Surya, in July 2000)
Manu M (to Indu, in early 2001). Son born in December 2002.
Arun N (to Sreeja, in early 2001)
Rennie Sreekumar (in 2002)
Ranjit Jose (in May 2002)
Arun P Varghese (to Merin, in September 2002)
Joseph V J (to Anu in October 2002)
Satheesh A S (to Nikhila in December 2002)

1992/1994 (Sumod Mathew Koshy)

Harikesh S Nair (ISC 1994) won the Milton Pikarsky Memorial Award (2000) for his MS thesis in Transportation Engineering. This award made by the Council of University Transportation Centers (CUTC) is given to the best Transportation MS thesis in North America (US/Cananda) in the Science and Technology category. Harikesh is doing his PhD in Marketing at the University of Chicago Business School.

Sumod Mathew Koshy is pursuing MD in Radiology at Manipal.

Sumod Mathew Koshy (in September 2002).


Sankara Subramanian is at Infosys, Bangalore.

1994/1996 (Deepanjan Ghosh)

About 30 Loyolites made it to the 2000 reunion held at Loyola on 17 June, 2000. Football and Basket-Ball matches brought back memories of 'Lunch-break' and 'second-trip' games.

1995/1997 (Vivek Krishnan)

Blessil George is doing his MS in Electrical Engineering at Auburn University (USA). 22 batchmates gathered at Museum Lawns, Trivandrum on June 26, 2000 for a get-together.

1996/1998 (B Krishnachandran)



1999/2001 (Vishnu Dattan)

2001 batch website has news.



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