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Lighter Side of Loyola


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A Loyola Old Boy is MOST likely to be


Deepu Chandy Thomas (1996) reminisces in The Loyolite 2000.

"I had to go through the House Selection procedure for an elocution competition and the topic I had to speak on said, 'Undressed in Schools'. I remember speaking nonchalantly for about 3-4 minutes on the topic quoting some dizzy statistics on sun bathing and I had a gathering of almost 35 nerds listening to it without suspicion. Whether the prof concerned was not listening or dozing still remains a question, but the whole drama came to an abrupt end when the next speaker who had just about made his entry into the room came to me politely and announced the actual topic -- 'Unrest in Schools'."

A Poem on Fr.Mathew Pulickal SJ

By Sumod Mathew Koshy and Nishant B Mathew (both 1994), in The Loyolite 1990-'91

Here comes the man with the golden stick
His belly is so thick;
He wields his stick with masterly grace
And lo, run the children in a daze.
Wherever he goes, silence descends,
And persists till he takes his leave
Projects he has in plenty,
And he is not very stingy;
His students get them in plenty,
To fill their days with history.
He talks about his childhood days
He used to lead processions, he says;
How he came to be a priest,
People knew not in the least,
He goes on like a transistor
Even as the World War rumbles on;
And in a twinkle he is in Rome,
Roaming the rooms of the Pope's place.
He goes on about politics
Hitting out at policies--
He's sure that Saddam is eccentric
And that Israel will spring the trick.
In conclusion, he says to us,
'You should add your theories thus'
And so I add my theory here;
That this man's name's Fr. Pulickal.

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