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Loyola Websites Index


School-related Webpages

Loyola School
The much-awaited official website of the school. Complete list of staff members, information on the new IT Club and other extra-curricular activities, etc.. Don't forget to download and play the school song.

Loyola OBA
The official website of the Old Boys' Association. Site launched in September 2002. Gives a calendar of school and OBA events.

The website of Loyola Arts Festival -- the annual inter-school youth festival organised by Loyola students.

About the school, co-curricular activities, school calendar, academics, facilities, student bodies - a fairly good overview of our school.

Maintained as part of a Loyola College initiative, the page profiles our school from a Jesuit-perspective.

NOBLES Webpages
Award winning website of the 1991 Batch. Updated regularly.

'Not an official' Loyola webpage
Maintained by Deepak M (1996), since January 1999 -- pictures (school, flag), write-up, school anthem lyrics for your nostalgic viewing. Updated 2-3 times a year. Was temporarily taken down in April 2003 but we're sure he'll be back.

Loyola 'home-page'
The first site on record to come up on behalf of the school/alumni. Gives a partial list of alumni in the US. Last updated: October 1997. Avoidable. In 2003, the original site disappeared and could be read only in cached version of search engines.

Alumni Websites

World AlumniNet
Traditional first stop for alumni contacts. New 2000 version. Send e- mail (to 210+ Loyolites), use the bulletin board.

A growing resource centre for alumni. The highlight is that it supplies details of your friends (eg: addresses). Send e-mail to 145+ Loyolites, share photos with schoolmates. Bulletin board available.

80+ Loyolites have registered here.

Clubs and Communities

Note: We have a separate page for Loyola alumni e-groups.

LOBA at Yahoo Clubs
A virtual club set up by Zacharia George in July 1999. Chat, exchange messages, share files, photos, and more. 5 members.

Loyola Youngsters
This one at Sify was started by Ashok J P in October 2001. 1 member.


We list only those personal webpages that yield some information about the person (maybe 1-2 lines, maybe a photo). Sites with only "under construction" text are not listed.


Mathew Joseph Pongonthara (Roy)
Personal Webpage


Rajiv Chandy
This is his son Joshua's website. You'll find stuff on Rajiv and family


Roy Mathew


Bipin K Prabhakar
Personal Webpage


Sreenath Sreenivasan, Visveswaran P
Personal Webpages
Devin Prabhakar
Business site


HomePage of 88' Knights
Website of the 1988 batch. Launched in July 2001, maintained by Jacob Mathew and friends. School anthem, batchmates' email IDs, news and photos, tidbits (poems, cartoons). Subscribe to 'RoundTable' - their e-newsletter.


Binu K Mathew
Personal Webpages. Includes a batch photo from Loyola.


Bipin R R, Vinod R
Personal Webpages


NOBLES Webpages
Award-winning pages set up in 1998. Contains an updated Directory of the batch. Plus several pages and tips for Loyola alumni.
Anand R, Arun N, Ashok R Chandran, Joseph V J,
Prakash Gopalakrishnan, Sumesh John Philip
Personal Webpages


Bhaskar Sarin Sugath, Sreekanth J P
Personal Webpages


Prasanth N Nair, Ganesh Natarajan
Personal Webpages


Deepak M, Aravind Sundaresan, Vignesh B
Personal Webpages - Deepak and Aravind have Loyola pages on their websites.


Jubin Jose
Personal Webpages


Sabse Aage
Website of the 2001 batch. Launched in 2001. News from Loyola, articles and reviews by members.
Christophe Manshoven, Jim Simpson
Personal Webpages

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