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Social Cause

  • Join hands to help the less privileged

  • Suggest ideas to share resources (skills, money)

Funding for Development Projects in Kerala/India

We could begin with Trivandrum and identify one school, or a health service centre, or an organization that runs such services that is in need. Preferably an NGO without any political ties. Let us see what we, as a collection of individuals from the NOBLES batch and others who are our friends and are interested, can do to improve the effectiveness of that organization in serving those in need.

I'm sure we should all be able to contribute some amount every month towards this.

There are a couple of organizations that are US-based that collect money from Indians in US to start developmental projects in parts of India. We could also think of identifying projects that are genuine and require help (this would have to be done by those who are in Tvm), and then the guys in the US in univs that have branches of these organizations can do the work of informing them of the project and asking for help.

This need not be restricted to Trivandrum if we can know for sure that a project needs help. Since we have all known each other for a significant part of out lives, we can easily work with and trust each other. We need to be able to identify projects correctly so that people do not take us for a ride. There could be millions of causes.

If we are genuinely disturbed by the way things are going and really want to do something to make a difference, I think this is a small way in which we can make a start. Let me know what all of you think.

Share your views with Anand R (1993).
Anand R is with CodecX Technologies, California, US. A leading quizzer during school-days, Anand is a LOBA member, and regularly contributes to the NOBLES discussion list.

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