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Tips to Create your Loyola E-group

Finding your batch's e-group

We regularly run searches and publish the list of Loyola alumni e-groups. The most recent comprehensive search we ran was in April 2003. For a current update, you may run an Internet Search yourself at search engines like Google and e-group sites (see below for brief list)

Creating your batch's e-group

Step 1: Basics - What are e-groups?
If you are new to the Internet, read about electronic discussion groups and mailing lists.

Step 2: Selecting a name
Select a simple, easy-to-remember, guessable, short name for your e-group. For example, if you belong to 1994 batch, we suggest that you choose loyola94, loyola1994, 94loyola or 1994loyola.

We urge you to adopt the Loyola OBA style in identifying your batch.

Step 3: Choosing an e-group site (service provider)
There are many websites that allow you to maintain e-groups free-of-cost. Some of these are yahoogroups, listbot, coollist, topica. We recommend yahoogroups for its features and user-friendliness.

Publicising your e-group

Step 1
Write to nobles@rediffmail.com. We will publicise your e-group on this website by adding you to the e-group index. We will publicise the e-group in our alumni e-zine. We will also add you to Loyolamod to help you communicate with other Loyola e-groups.

Step 2
Contact Loyola OBA. LOBA maintains a computerised database of alumni. Ask for e-mail IDs of your batchmates. Also remind LOBA to publicise your e-group in the Alumni Newsletters.

Step 3
Visit Alumni Websites, advertise on their bulletin boards, and send e-mail to your batchmates who have registered there.

Which batch do I belong to? (Loyola OBA Style)

For batches till 1990, LOBA identifies you with the year your batchmates wrote their final exam at Loyola.

For batches after 1990, LOBA identifies you with the year in which your ICSE batchmates finished school (not necessarily the year you wrote your final exam at Loyola). Example: If you wrote your SSLC or ICSE exam in 1995, you are identified with the 1997 batch.

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